Trading traffic

This is how this works:

This way you get all traffic back you send me, and then some!

If you need help promoting, try using the media rss feed or the rss feed - Add them to your site and you automatically send traffic to all my newest updates! The feeds have preview images too, so you can send even more traffic!

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f.e., not!



This goes especially for porn sites. If your site is set up with endless fake players, fake thumbnails and fake whatnot to attract links I will delete your link no matter how many credits you have. Same goes for sites that have the content hidden pages below fold, undistinguishable from the other crap around it it will be deleted.
Another thing: is a softcore site, so no hardcore content is allowed. One or two small banners on your site is ok, but if your site has nothing but hardcore previews and banners plastered around the content I probably won't accept your plug.


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