Advertising on receives over 110.000 unique visitors daily and can help any marketing campaign. There are several advertising options which can increase the exposure and success of any advertising campaign.


Plugs are an excellent way to get traffic going to your site or your product.
Please note that these hit counts serve as averages, and some links may get much more hits than indicated here. It mainly just depends on the content, if it's fresh and/or good.

Plugs send most of the traffic in 2-3 days, while they're on the frontpage. After dropping off the frontpage they go into the archives and are searchable forever.

Avg hits
1 plug
5 plugs
10 plugs
30 plugs
  • Please note that only content plugs are accepted, i.e. no frontpages; only links to videos, galleries, pictures, games etc will be accepted.
  • Hardcore content is not allowed. Softcore only. Hardcore means anything involving a penis
  • Babe plugs are for non nude babe related content. If any nudity (female nipple f.e.) is involved, then it's a NSFW plug.
  • Bought plugs don't deduct from you credit on

Text links / Hardlinks

Hard links are in the friends list on the right of the site. They send anywhere from 200 to 800 hits per day, depending on position and wording. has a Google PageRank of 5 so hardlinks are good for SEO purposes.

1 month $110
2 months $210
6 months $600

Hardlinks are sold on a first come first serve basis - Your link will be placed below the bottom most bought link. If someone above you fails to renew, your link will rise up in the list.


Banners are available in the following sizes and positions:

  • 120x120 right and left on $360/month or $200 per 2 weeks
  • 650x70 Top banner on $1700/month

Please note that no adult content is allowed on the banners.

All prices are in US dollars.

To buy any of these spots, please contact me