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Young Jamaican Kid Will Get You Motivated146,7111445436061
17 Year Old Flips $250k Porsche During Race125,8051445407261
Dashcam Captures Random Plane Landing On The Street103,4731445349661
Package Thief Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine112,9571445320863
Special Forces Poser Called Out By Military108,3441445284861
Redneck Tattoo Removal32,5211445263261
Little Girl Catches Huge Bass With Her Barbie Fishing Pole37,5561445234461
Reporter Is Sexually Harassed While She's Reporting On Sexual Harassment28,8191445198461
What Is The Last Thing You Stuck Your Finger In?25,1171445176861
Kid Has An Unusual Encounter With A Crow19,7491445148062
Wiffle Ball Player Invents New Way To Rob A Home Run18,4031445112061
Stolen Motorcycle Leads To High Speed Car Chase19,7391445090461
Sexy Golfer Paige Spiranac Does The Happy Gilmore Shot37,1381445061662
Strange Multicolored Cloud Appears in Costa Rica18,3051445025661
Lucky Guy Escapes Death By Inches24,4581445004061
Woman Viciously Attacked by Otters31,4561444975261
The Taliban Sure Doesn’t Like ‘Jenny from the Block’22,7341444939261
Pilot Experiences 9G Centrifuge Training18,4591444917663
The Hypocrisy Of How Mainstream Media Covers Mass Shootings19,4851444888863
Sorority Sisters At A Baseball Game27,2541444852861
How To Lay The Smackdown On Your Kid15,7451444831261
Redneck Kid Goes Nuts And Attacks His Stepdad18,3881444802462
Bill Nye The Thug Life Guy13,9671444766461
Lady Feels Something Moving At Her Feet17,8881444744861
5 Second Rule For Drunk Chick on NYC Bus27,2661444716062
The Most Insane Wingsuit Flight Ever15,7401444680061
Girl Drops Her Phone Into The Ocean And It's Retrieved By A Dolphin15,7411444658461
Your Face Changes In Different Lighting17,7271444629662
Kid Makes Himself Pass Out And Falls Through Glass Table13,0591444593661
Adorable Kittens Being Adorable13,8251444572061
Old Russian Lady Notices Rapper Has Boner19,9921444543262
Praying Mantis Attacks Camera11,9261444507262
Crazy Cat Slides Under Kitchen Chairs In Circles13,4691444485661
Kangaroo Tries To Drown A Dog14,0451444456861
Shawarma Master Shows Off His Skills15,6911444420861
Woman Jaywalking An On Phone Has Close Call16,2431444399261
Impatient Woman Driver Pays The Price24,3311444370465
Old Brother Gets A Taste Of Instant Karma18,4181444334461
18 Wheeler Plows Through Flood Waters16,2791444287661
Japanese Live-Streamer Burns His House Down on Air15,8471444251661
Girl's Honest Reaction To Her Boyfriend Caught Cheating19,1711444230061
NFL Star's Wife Pulled Over For "Driving While Black"12,3401444201261
Truck Rolls Away During Fight13,9101444165261
Chinese Acrobat Has Insane Skills15,9591444143662
Poopy Dollar Prank12,5431444114861
Cat Burgler Caught In The Act14,4141444078861
Drunk Man Vs. Hula Hoop13,4371444057261
Trolling A Crackhead14,7901444028461
Washing Machine Delivery Fail15,3661443992461
First Time Seeing A Moose14,1561443970861
Hillbilly Dances with A Raccoon13,5181443942063
Little Skater Dude Nails A Perfect 90013,8801443906061
Katy Perry Gets Groped By Fan On Ecstasy27,6731443884461
Woman Gets Knocked Over By Pit Crew15,7821443855661
This Pile Of Trash Is Not What It Seems15,1071443819661
The Moment Your Life Changes Forever16,5891443798061
Happy Gilmore Golf Attempt Gone Wrong TWICE13,6371443769261
Like us on Facebook! Jeopardy Contestant Tricks Alex Trebek Into Saying Turd Ferguson11,3541443733261
When Something Hits Earth's Glass Dome13,0941443711661
Guy Unleashes An Epic Rant To All The "Cop Haters"15,4231443682861
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